The USF App Part 1


Last year, the USF (Uplands Student Forum) was founded in an effort to improve the communication between the upper management of the school and the student body.

Unfortunately, the club received little attention and not much progress was made through the online forum. I came up with the idea to create a mobile applications for students to use that would make the process of voicing student opinions easier.

Uplands was very keen on the idea and were very interested in getting an app for the students (after recently removing the school app from the app store, they were excited with the idea to offer a mobile service to students).

Initially, I attempted to use Swift (through the X Code platform) to design the app. I have used swift a couple times in the past (you can see one of the projects here) There were many obstacles I faced using swift when attempting to design a chat-based app (not being able to support Android, lots of plugins that I needed to include, and the development process was too slow); this forced me to jump onto a new platform: Ionic. Ionic is a javascript based, app development platform that accommodates both IOS and Android devices.

Ionic made the UI much more aesthetically pleasing and a lot easier to use. The speed at which I was able to develop the app also allowed me to include more features to maximize the practicality of the app. I used Firebase for data management & user authentication.

Below is the slideshow I used to present the App to the school. In the presentation, you can observe all of the features and properties of the App. Enjoy!

Uplands chat app assembly presentation