My relationship with the PSC


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The Penang Science Cluster is a non-profit organization located in Penang, Malaysia that aims to encourage and spark an interest STEM within the local community by instilling a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the next generation.

Penang International Science Fair (hosted by the PSC)

As you may be aware, for my Eagle Scout project, I decided to make low-cost electronics kits for local schools in Penang. I chose the PSC as the beneficiary for the project. You can read more about the project here.

These are the prototype kits we made for the PSC ready to be sent to the 3 different schools in Penang. These prototypes will be mass produced on an industrial level in the near future…

My projects allowed me to meet with some important people. Some of the projects even caught the attention of some government & industry officials…

CM to FM .jpg
Lim Guan Eng when he was Chief Minister of Penang (Left & Center) and now as Financial Minister of Malaysia (Right)
Edgard Kagen (Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur)
Ambassador of the USA to Malaysia

In short, PSC provided me with a resourceful environment to work in along with friendly and talented employees and volunteers who strive to make the Penang Science Cluster live up to it’s mission statements. Quite frankly, all of the projects I have done, both within the community and for my personal research, would have been a lot harder to accomplish without the help from the PSC.

I have been frequently visiting the Penang Science Cluster over the past 4 years for various purposes. Some of the cool experiences I was able to experience include the following:

  • Volunteering both at the PSC and the Penang International Science Fair as a mentor
  • Organizing a “Mad Scientist” workshop at the PSC which gave kids the opportunity to learn more about chemistry
  • Conduct the affordable electronics kits project
  • Exhibit my research on the computer science of multi rotors

Find our more about the Penang Science Cluster!

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