Tip Tap App

Early May 2017

I decided that I wanted to try and make a simple yet fun app that could be a substitute to fidgeting and provide a fun way to pass time. I decided to make the app for IOS instead of Android to put my knowledge of Swift into use.


I started looking at other popular apps to see how they would attract and hook users; for example, Subway Surfers allows you to connect to Facebook so you can beat your friends and keep things competitive. This allows the players to become addicted with the aim of being the best at something. On the other hand, there are simple games like flappy bird that boom in popularity even without achievements or Facebook connection (however there is an option to connect to game center and share your score). I tried to incorporate some of these features in my app.



  • Allows you to connect to Facebook (I used Facebook’s SDK to do this)
  • Allows you to earn achievements (I used Game Center)
  • Sadly IAd shutdown last year and it was easier to include compared to Google’s AdMob so….. no ads 🙂
  • Keeps adding scores after a touch begins using a simple counter function
  • Remembers your score by using the onboard memory
  • After every 1000 taps the user unlocks a new color that they can “drag” across the screen


Video Above demonstrates the Memory feature.


App Icon

Unfortunately, as with almost every other project I do there were bumps, but I have never encountered as many problems as you will when you start using xcode. Luckily, you’re not alone as there are many people who encounter the same problems as you do. In my experience I believe that these two links are the best places to go in times of doubt:



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